Introducing the solution from lukken,
the leader in the fourth industry.


Customized ad

Recognise the face to understand the gender, age, and emotions of the customer. A solution that sends out ads that match the analyzed information


Big Data extraction

A solution to analyze customer information, analyze the viewing patterns of advertising time, interest, and gender ratios, and extract them into big data.


Real-time marketing diagnostics

A solution that analyzes the marketing type (display, etc.) in real time to suggest problems/resolutions


Introducing lukken's Unmanned Payment System.

Utilization field

Face recognition technology is currently being used for non-face service and security services and it is expected that technologies that can be developed and marketed according to group information estimation, customer characteristic breakdown, high accuracy product recommendation and sales, season, time and climate change will be developed and commercialized.
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Advance into foreign markets

As interest in face recognition technology is growing around the world, we actively participate in IT/artificial Intelligence technology exhibitions and exhibitions overseas to promote our technology and solutions.


Face recognition technology principle



Use webcam to take a picture of the user's


Information analysis

Analyze image information such as user gender, age, and emotion.


Information extraction

Extract image information such as gender, age, emotion etc. that have been analyzed.


Advertising transmission

Send desired ads using extracted information.


Big Data

Store marketing information such as viewing time and facial expressions in big data.

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Introducing the IDIN series of unmanned payment systems.


Unmanned kiosk

1. Simple and convenient design
2. Ease of management through interconnection
3. Easy payment system (QR-code, zero-payability)
4. Applicable: Food truck, free market, general store
5. Premium Features (APP Functions)
- Appointment order management function (automatic calculation of cooking time)
- Pickup notification function when cooking is completed

IDIN 1000

Stand-type unmanned kiosk

1.Different screen sizes
(21.5', 32', 43')
2.The basic composition of card reader
3.Basic configuration of the receipt printer
4.Rear side voice support (optional)
5.Learning connection 'APP: near you' (free)

IDIN 8000

tablet-type kiosk POS

10.1-inch compact size
2.The basic composition of card reader
3.The receipt printer (optional)
4.You can use it with menu plates.
5.Learning connection near you (free)