PR video production

Create video ads for promotions (e.g. electronic displays, PCs, mobile, etc.)

Outdoor Advertisements & Mobile Ads

Outdoor electronic board image advertisement and vehicle type electronic board image advertisement transmission

Artificial intelligence target ad

Offers custom target advertising solutions based on face recognition

Big Data

The Development of a Personalized Service Solution Using Big Data by Obtaining Advertising Information and Face Recognition Data

Web & Application Creation

Planning and producing homepage, landing page, detailed page, mobile application

Unmanned kiosk

Produce unmanned payment system (stand type, tablet force type kiosk) and develop kiosk-linked application


Lukken is a 'artificial Intelligence Marketing' startup that provides advertising and customer matching services using Image Machine Learning.
Currently, Lukken is committed to improving and stabilizing its technology so that face recognition marketing can be commercialized by applying customer-specific solutions based on facial recognition to advertising media such as PCs, mobile, outdoor billboards, and mobile (vehicle) electronic boards.
In addition, the company will also strive to expand the market and secure competitiveness by developing mobile applications that are useful for living.
Lukken is a start-up company that grows into a business with solid planning and development.