Let me introduce you to LUKKEN.

Lukken provides customized marketing solutions with a technology called IDIN that recognizes the customer's face, analyzes their gender, age and emotions, and sends customized advertisements tailored to the information extracted.
Lukken is growing as the center of the 4th Industrial Revolution through continuous data extraction and technology research through the observation of IT technology, science and technology exhibitions, exhibitions, and security exhibitions abroad.
In the future, we are expanding our presence to expand our presence to the global market so that we can easily obtain local customer analysis information from overseas.
Lukken will start with Aidine to research and develop non-face recognition technology.
Non-face face recognition technology, which dramatically increases user convenience and reduces space use and labor costs, will provide a stepping stone for future technologies that can be imagined.
Please watch and support us.
If you are interested in Lukken, please feel free to contact us at. Thank you.
- All employees other than the Lukken representative.